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Don Pepe

Découvrez notre nouveau de la série Origines! Le mélange exclusif Don Pepe vous charmera avec ses arômes sucrés, de noisettes et d'agrumes. Un café aux airs tropiques qui vous propulsera directement au Panama. Livraison GRATUITE dès 50$!

Discover our new Origins series! The exclusive Don Pepe blend will charm you with its sweet aromas of hazelnuts and citrus fruits. A coffee with a tropical air that will take you straight to Panama. At its best enjoyed as a filter and cold brew or as an espresso for 3rd wave coffee lovers.


350 g




Light brown


Brown Sugar - Hazelnut - Citrus


Finca Don Pepe - Panama Boquete



*** Take note that all our coffee blends are in beans. You have to select your version to add it to your cart / We do not punch the loyalty cards on purchases made on the online shop.*** .

Don Pepe Estate

Located at the foot of Volcan Barû in Volcanito (Boquete, Chiruqui), Panama on a 70 hectare plot of land. 59 hectares are used for coffee cultivation and 11 are a nature reserve.

Don Pepe Estate is a family farm that since 1898 has been exclusively dedicated to the cultivation of coffee. They claim to be the first company specialized in coffee production in the Republic of Panama.

"We cultivate pure lots according to variety and, in the same way, we treat each variety separately, in order to obtain the best possible quality from each bean. Our rigorous drying process is carried out in African beds, always looking for the optimum drying point, and then storing it according to variety and day of harvest.

After each variety of coffee has been properly rested in our cellars, our exhaustive classification process as to optimize the quality of each coffee. »

Washed coffee:

In this process, first the pulp or husk is separated from the coffee beans and then the mucilage is completely removed. The flavour attributes of washed coffees are lighter bodies, cleaner cups and more fruity and balanced flavours.

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