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Hario Scale VST-2000B
From  $20.75

Bella Nera

Our Bella Nera blend is our strongest espresso. It is distinguished by its deep, intense and refi...
Scale formation is the main reason why espresso machines fail prematurely and can be prevented by...
Buono Hario kettle 1.2 litres
Bialetti Moka has become emblematic and has enabled millions of consumers to enjoy an excellent I...
Modern and neat design, in stainless steel with a shiny and durable finish. This is what best des...
Enjoy the sweet and balanced flavour of our authentic Chai lovingly prepared by The Chai Company....
Chemex 6 cups
Chemex 8 cups
From  $20.75


Our decaffeinated Italian espresso blend with water is the talk of the town. Even the most ardent...
From  $20.75

Don Pepe

Découvrez notre nouveau de la série Origines! Le mélange exclusif Don Pepe vous charmera avec ses arômes sucrés, de noisettes et d'agrumes. Un café aux airs tropiques qui vous propulsera directement au Panama. Livraison GRATUITE dès 50$!
From  $21.50


Our Federico blend, certified fair trade and organic, will make you travel to South America with ...
From  $20.75


Our Fidelio blend is distinguished by its balanced and creamy taste. It can be drunk both as an e...
Out of stock
Pack of 100 white filters for Hario v60-02
From  $20.75


Our Giulietta espresso blend unfolds its range of flavours by pairing with milk. As a latte or ca...
From  $20.75

Gran Copola

Our Gran Copola blend is a versatile and bold espresso. With its robust and charming character, i...
HARIO V60-02 white plastic
Out of stock
HARIO V60-02 White Ceramics
Out of stock
Hario V60-02 Ceramic Black *special edition
From  $20.75

Kenya AA Brown

The Kenya AA Brown blend is from our ORIGIN series. You will discover a coffee with milk chocolat...
From  $20.75

Kenya AA Black

The Kenya AA Black blend is from our ORIGIN series. You will discover a blend of coffee with arom...
From  $21.50


Part of the Remembrance series, the Kyoto blend was created following Jordan's trip to Japan in t...
Need help sleeping? PAF! comes to the rescue of your sleep deprivation. Drink 15 minutes before b...
Matcha Izu green tea powder. 75gr.

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